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The Wise Old Woman

Howlite and Lava Stone Keyring

Howlite and Lava Stone Keyring

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Created using 8mm Howlite and Lava Stone beads enclosed with metal end beads attached to a sturdy metal key ring with lobster clasp. Part of our Handmade in the UK collection.

Howlite is a crystal for patience and calm which helps one to slow down during periods of emotional unrest.This crystal is thought to reduce stress levels and dispel anger. It is often used as a memory aid, it soothes an overactive mind and allows for calm communication.

Lava Stone alleviates anxiety, promote emotional tranquillity and bring calmness and feelings of relaxation. It has very powerful spiritual effects on the human mind, cleansing negative thoughts and emotions, as well as stimulating creativity.

This keyring comes in a bag with a description card.

Due to the nature of crystals, colours may differ slightly from those shown in the image. Sold individually.

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