Crystal manifestation grids

Crystal manifestation grids

We have created a set of 3 simple manifestation grids for you to use, simply download the file and print them off.

Cleanse your space and your crystals before you start. There are several ways in which you can do this. Burn some sage and cleanse your environment or use Tingsha Bells  for sound cleansing.

Using one of the grids, place each stone at a key point on the grid and focus on your intentions. Build up the grid, placing your crystals at the key intersections until you feel the grid is complete.

crystal grid

Use the crystals to amplify your intentions, cultivating a powerful energy field that magnetically draws your desires into reality. The synergy of crystals can transform your thoughts into tangible manifestations.

You can use a selenite or clear quartz wand or something similar to activate the grid. Draw an invisible line connecting all of the crystals and their energy together.

Leave your grid on display until the time feels right to pack it away or create a new grid with another intention.


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