Our story

Created in 2022, we sell quality crystals, palm stones, tumble stones, crystal and silver jewellery and other spiritual-related products.

We are Sharon Charteress and Ned Viehoff and together with our great friend Kate we run The Wise Old Woman. Our plan is to bring you incredible crystals, unique jewellery and lots of other fun items to enhance your life.

Sharon Charteress & Ned Viehoff

Ned was born with ADHD, Dyslexia and short-term memory issues. Education and work have always been a struggle. Working as part of The Wise Old Woman, we have seen Ned’s knowledge, practice and confidence blossom. It's had a profound effect on his ability and attitude, both to himself and others. As he developed, so did our passion for the healing power of crystals and their potential to transform lives.

Every year brings changes and we look to establish a bigger and wider offering, not just in products but also experiences by attending larger events.

Our mission is to share our knowledge of the healing power of crystals and to provide tools and resources for personal growth and recovery. We aim to inspire and empower individuals on their journey towards self-realisation and personal enrichment. We believe that everybody has the right to heal and grow and we are here to share knowledge and tools to make that possible.

We are also working towards becoming more eco friendly. Using recyclable and compostable packaging.

We are dedicated to making a difference one crystal at a time.