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The Wise Old Woman

Rainbow Fluorite Sphere

Rainbow Fluorite Sphere

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Fluorite spheres are highly valued for their ability to bring clarity and order to chaotic energy, making them essential in crystal healing practices. Known for their vibrant colours, ranging from green and purple to blue and yellow, fluorite promotes mental clarity and enhances focus. The spherical shape of the crystal ensures that its stabilising energy radiates evenly, creating a balanced environment ideal for meditation and concentration.

These spheres are particularly effective in boosting cognitive abilities and supporting decision-making processes. Fluorite is associated with the third-eye and heart chakras, aiding in spiritual growth and emotional healing. Holding a fluorite sphere during meditation can help clear mental fog, improve intuition, and foster a deeper connection with one’s inner self. In workspaces, fluorite spheres can enhance productivity and protect against negative energies.

Sold individually. Each sphere weighs over 270g.

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