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The Wise Old Woman

Black Obsidian Sphere

Black Obsidian Sphere

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This mesmerising Black Obsidian sphere draws you in with its deep, reflective surface, resembling a window into the soul. Its glossy sheen holds a magnetic allure, capturing and reflecting the surrounding light in a dance of shadows and illumination.

Known for its protective properties, Black Obsidian is believed to absorb negative energy and shield against psychic attacks, making it a potent tool for spiritual growth and purification.

As you gaze into its depths, you feel a sense of grounding and empowerment, as if being guided towards deeper self-awareness and inner strength.

Whether used for scrying or simply admired for its beauty, the Black Obsidian sphere serves as a powerful talisman, guiding you on a journey of transformation and enlightenment.

All spheres weigh over 2kg.

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