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The Wise Old Woman

Dragons Blood Spheres

Dragons Blood Spheres

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Dragon's Blood spheres captivate the eye with their stunning hues of deep reds and earthy greens, resembling the ancient scales of mythical creatures.

These spheres are infused with a powerful energy, believed to enhance courage, strength, and vitality. The stone's properties are said to stimulate creativity and promote a sense of grounding, making it an ideal companion for those seeking to channel their inner fire and pursue their passions with determination.

Charged with kundalini energy and courage to enable us to conquer whatever obstacles stand in our way and adapt to changing circumstances. Dragon’s Blood encourages self exploration and allows us to overcome past emotional traumas.

Displayed as decorative pieces or used in meditation, Dragon's Blood spheres serve as potent reminders of the untamed spirit within each of us, urging us to unleash our true potential and embrace life's adventures fearlessly.

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