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The Wise Old Woman

Lucky Pocket

Lucky Pocket

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Contained in a bag you'll get a Citrine, Pyrite and Moss Agate tumble stones, all with a description card.

Carnelian: Known as the stone of motivation and endurance, Carnelian is your go-to crystal for igniting passion and drive. It's like a motivational coach in your pocket, pushing you towards your goals with unwavering determination.

Clear Quartz: As the master healer, Clear Quartz acts as the ultimate amplifier of energy. It clears away negative energy, enhances clarity of thought, and opens the mind to new possibilities. With Clear Quartz by your side, you'll be ready to seize every opportunity that comes your way.

Citrine: Radiating warmth and joy, Citrine is the stone of abundance and prosperity. It's like a beacon of positivity, attracting wealth and success into your life. Let Citrine light up your path to financial freedom and fulfilment.

Due to the nature of crystals, colours may differ slightly from those shown in the image. Sold as a package of 3 stones.

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